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The Monday rounds: Sales, Customer Support, Production Management and Purchasing meet for a review of the situation. “What do we have to deliver this week without fail?” – “What can we actually manage to produce and deliver?“ Wish and reality diverge widely often enough. And the pressure from the customer stirs up the mood in your own plant.

Business planning: The management’s business plan provides for a profit margin of 10% before tax. Despite a high level of commitment by all participants and scheduled turnover, only a narrow margin of 3.5% remains. Again and again material problems have been discovered much too late notice and in the meantime components have had to be purchased quickly.

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Production bottleneck: Emergency call in purchasing. The ERP system reports, that a module urgently expected by the customer cannot be produced. The PCBs and a component are missing. Two employees search one each for a missing part. The PCBs are ordered per “express delivery” at considerable additional cost. At the same time it turns out, that there is no chance to procure the other missing part in the delivery time required. Unnecessary additional costs have therefore been caused through the lack of transparency.

All have the same goal: The customers should receive the promised goods at the contractually agreed times. And yet often enough those involved “pass the buck” to back and forth. Sales puts pressure on the head of production. He cannot help, because he is convinced, that purchasing is the bottleneck. Ultimately the management must make decisions based on insufficient transparency and information.

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Perzeptron MiG

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Maximum transparency and efficiency, increased delivery reliability, reduction of invested capital

“MiG – Materials Management in Balance” is a software tool for the support of production planning and control of the materials management.
As an independent additional tool, MiG can be linked to existing ERP systems with little effort. MiG is tailored to the specific requirements of the electronics industry, and among other things includes the functions:

  • Delivery Overview
  • Production Overview
  • Bottleneck Evaluation
  • Inventory Optimization

MiG is a highly efficient tool for Purchasing, Production Planning and -Control, Sales and Management. It shortens the processing time of orders and secures the delivery capability through the early identification of bottlenecks. MiG ensures for a balanced material- and order management, with which delivery capability and invested capital are continuously balanced. Through the maximum transparency and systematics of all material management data, MiG provides sustained process improvements.

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