Improving performance

100% overview

Delivery dates firmly under control

Perzeptron MiG – Product overview

100% transparency

MiG offers a fully automatic delivery list with all items to be delivered and deliverable items. This delivery summary offers all departments an optimal overview of all delivery items.

This transparency renders superfluous further enquiries about the production status of the corresponding productions and diminishes co-ordination effort. Reaction speed increases appreciably. Safety buffers, which were previously concealed in the idle periods, are no longer needed. Order throughput time can be significantly decreased. Adherence to production delivery dates improves due to adapted processes, and thus also adherence to delivery dates vis-a-vis the customers with simultaneous effort reduction.

Further added value:

Inventory optimization

Avoid capital commitment through the function Inventory Optimization

Planning security

Increase your efficiency of your production process with an effective production overview

Bottleneck inspection

See with one view, which material bottlenecks will risk your delivery dates

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