Full transparency for your materials management—with MiG

Boosting productivity and delivery excellence has never been easier

Wow your customers with on-time production and delivery. Free your employees form the burden of searching for missing parts and the struggle against a chaotic materials management. Streamline your order processing—from purchasing, production and logistics all the way to distribution and management.

More transparency

Full visibility of customer and manufacturing orders: for timely, cost-efficient and fast production—and less hassle in coordinating between teams and departments.Read more » »

Optimized supply of materials

Purchase parts and identify bottlenecks in time: by visualizing demands and materials supply—and focusing on the right priorities!Read more » »

Reduced capital commitment

Thanks to continuous inventory optimization—and alignment with production planning.Read more » »

Higher customer satisfaction

Your Sales team has full visibility of the status of “their” manufacturing orders—and can notify customers accordingly.Read more » »

One-click transparency

Perzeptron MiG

MiG – Materials Management in Balance is the go-to pro tool for any manufacturing company working with bills of materials—from electronics manufacturing to mechanical engineering. The fully compatible software integrates with any ERP system without any risk to the existing infrastructure. It is easy to install and quick to set up—ready for use by specialists and decision-makers alike. Read more »

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Success Story Dommel GmbH

Full transparency for orders, fewer missing parts, and better delivery performance: the development and manufacturing service provider Dommel has implemented Perzeptron’s “MiG – Materials Management in Balance” software, significantly improving its business processes, materials management, and departmental collaboration.

In the video, Dommel’s team talks about their experiences with the tool, which can be easily connected to existing ERP systems.

One single database—accessible by every department

Reliable channels of communication are crucial to efficient collaboration. That is why MiG uses one single database for Purchasing, Manufacturing and Logistics, Sales, and Management. With intuitive visualization capabilities—and separate analysis and optimization features for the different departments.


Optimise your purchasing through prioritised management of missing parts.

Production and Logistics

Increase production efficiency by reducing the number of missing parts.


Customer loyalty through high adherence to delivery dates and reliable information flow.

Management board and Controlling

Enhance your competitiveness in a demanding market.

Become part of the success story

that is MiG – Materials Management in Balance

greater efficiency
better delivery excellence
fewer missing parts

On top of all the immeasurable advantages:

Customer satisfaction, good energy and team spirit within the organization. And fantastic parties to celebrate your improved numbers.

Success Stories

“With the introduction of MiG we have increased our on-time delivery performance to over 90 percent. Our information flow has been significantly improved and the entire order processing is now faster and easier. From the first product launch, we found that Perzeptron perfectly understands the challenges and processes in purchasing and material handling and brings with it a tremendous amount of industry knowledge. As a result of MiG, everyone in our team gained significantly more time to work strategically”.

Jan Oliver Kammesheidt
ROSE Systemtechnik GmbH

„Perzeptron GmbH and the MiG software helped us to gain a uniform overview of the current material situation for all parts of the company. As a result, we were able to reduce our component stock and production planning was simplified. Component bottlenecks or incorrect orders are detected at an early stage so that an appropriate reaction is possible. Finally, we have been able to reduce the internal email traffic by 80% and have relaxed the internal relationship between the departments, as all parties involved can now view all necessary information“.

Werner Fischhaber
PRO DESIGN Electronic GmbH

„Perzeptron has been supporting our company for several years in the areas of purchasing and materials management. Perzeptron has developed solutions, together with us, that have proven themselves on the market and that are tailored to our needs. Thanks to Perzeptron, we have been able to improve our processes“.

Dr. Wolfgang Hecker
ams Sensors Germany GmbH

„Eckelmann AG has trusted Andreas Koch and Markus Renner for over a decade. Over the time we have successfully completed a whole series of projects in the field of materials management and controlling“.

Dr.-Ing. Gerd Eckelmann
Eckelmann AG

„Die Eckelmann AG vertraut Andreas Koch und Markus Renner schon seit über einem Jahrzehnt. Seitdem haben wir zusammen eine ganze Reihe von Projekten im Bereich Materialwirtschaft und Controlling erfolgreich abgewickelt.“

Dr.-Ing. Gerd Eckelmann
Eckelmann AG

MiG - Materials Management in Balance

  • Departments in sync
    MiG uses one single database for Purchasing, Manufacturing and Logistics, Sales, and Management.
  • One size fits all
    MiG can be leveraged in any manufacturing context with bills of materials—from electronics manufacturing to mechanical engineering.
  • Lightning-fast no-risk implementation
    MiG integrates with your ERP system. The software always uses the most recent data set without making any changes to the data itself.
  • Easy to use
    MiG is completely browser-based, offering each employee an intuitive overview of their tasks.
  • Developed in Germany
    MiG was born out of years of experience in process and manufacturing optimization, with development, support and consulting based in Eschborn, near Frankfurt.



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